Words Can Help Sell Your Home

Words Can Help Sell Your Home

 – Have you ever picked up a real estate magazine to flip through the pages only to find property description buzz words repeated over and over again? Not to mention on-line listing websites that also seem to have real estate buzz words on repeat?

When selling a home, the best thing to do is to tell a story about how someone would feel when they enter the home.  What it’s like living there and the perks of owning the home. First impressions can mean the difference between a sale or no sale. When a buyer is basing his or her decision to view the home solely on words (and potentially images), then there is a lot riding on the perfect property description. Whether it’s a shortened description for MLS that is limited by character count or a long description that has no limit on what can be included, it’s important to get the words right in order to attract positive attention to the real estate listing.

Here Are A Few Sayings That Draw Buyers To A Listing:

• Storage Space- Who doesn’t love storage space? It’s rare to find someone say that they don’t need storage space. Well organized closets and additional storage areas are appealing to most buyers today.

Words Can Help Sell Your Home

• Updated Or Upgrades- Everyone likes an updated home, especially if the home is more than ten years old. Upgrades are good too and can help when comparing one property to a comparable property without upgrades.

• Convenience- Is it within walking distance to amenities? How close are supermarkets and schools? Is there a coffee shop nearby?

• Move-In Ready- The vast majority of buyers are looking for a move-in ready home that they can move into and enjoy without fixing it up. While some may be looking for a good deal and will buy a home that needs TLC, move-in ready is important to most buyers.

• Open Floor Plan- Most buyers are not drawn to a compartmentalized home with a choppy layout that may have smaller rooms or dark hallways. An open floor plan and natural light are both at the top of most buyer’s wish lists.

Buyers Are Attracted To The Convenience Of Caffeine

Let’s not forget to mention that Zillow recently reported that homes within a quarter-mile from a Starbucks or other coffee shop also have an increased value. Between the years of 1997 and 2013 when the average home increased in value by 65 percent, homes located close to a coffee shop increased in value by 96 percent. Thus, if a coffee shop is within close proximity, it might just capture a buyer’s attention if put in the property description.

Buzz Words Can Make You More Money

Zillow recently conducted an analysis of 24,000 home sales which demonstrated that listing buzz words can help sell a home for a higher dollar amount. Among the sought after listing description words were: custom, remodeled and beautiful. The survey also discovered that some specific words can lower the property’s value.  Among these words were cosmetic, fixer upper and TLC.

Furthermore, the survey concluded that lower priced homes can potentially gain a higher selling price when high-end adjectives are used to describe the property. As an example, a bottom-tier home that was described as “luxurious” beat the anticipated sales price by over 8 percent.

Here are the ten buzzwords that the Zillow survey reported as typically bringing in a higher sales price:

1. Gentle
2. Captivating
3. Granite
4. Spotless
5. Landscaped
6. Impeccable
7. Tile
8. Upgraded
9. Remodeled
10. Luxurious

In real estate listing descriptions the number of characters count and one way to make a listing stand out to potential home buyers that are searching through long lists of real estate listings is to make the write-up unique and appealing. While popular features may vary from one city to the next, the majority of buyers look for the universal real estate listing buzz words. Specific adjectives can help the listing and dropping brand names doesn’t hurt either. If high-end appliances are in the home then including the name brand such as Wolf, Viking or Sub-Zero will attract attention. Lastly, listing descriptions don’t need to have sales lingo in them. Phrases such as “Don’t miss out” or “Hurry won’t last long!” are all overused in the minds of buyers.

Sell My Boston HouseWords Can Help Sell Your Home

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