What Is A Squeeze Page?

What Is A Squeeze Page

 – Websites are the main component of just about any successful business and, without a strategy in place to entice and convert website visitors into leads, then your website may just be passed over.

A squeeze page can be defined as a landing webpage that is specifically designed to capture opt-in e-mail addresses. It’s aptly named a ‘squeeze page’ because visitors are ‘squeezed’ into providing contact information. Having a this page on a website can dramatically increase the number of qualified leads received and the e-mail addresses can be utilized for a variety of other marketing initiatives that a company chooses. Pop-ups and splash pages are also similar to these pages as the primary goal is to lure the customer to give more information.

What Is A Squeeze Page

Leave No Exit

One critical aspect of this type of webpage is that it does not allow for any type of exit strategy (i.e. any exit hyperlinks). Most of us have landed on these types of pages and, depending upon how the page was constructed, it can lead to you to either wanting to close the browser window immediately and find an alternate website or perhaps you find it intriguing and you actually gave up the coveted e-mail address!

Content Matters

Internet marketers pull out all the stops to bring enticing copywriting to squeeze pages as it only takes a few quick seconds to capture a potential leads attention. If the offer isn’t interesting the potential prospect will navigate away to a new page. Many successful squeeze pages encompass utilizing success stories or testimonials in order to better help the prospect make a buying decision. But, it’s not just that simple as other factors go into the creation of a successful squeeze page. These include, but are not limited to color psychology, keyword placement and good ad copy. Some of these pages will also feature a video or audio to better capture the attention of the website audience. Headlines and bullets can also add to an effective webpage. The general rule of thumb is that the lesser amount of content the better.

You want to have effective messaging on the squeeze page as opposed to too much information that the visitor must decipher. Capturing contact information is a critical point to any successful squeeze page but, to obtain the coveted name and e-mail, multiple incentives may need to be involved. These special incentives can range from a special discount on services or a free e-book.

Lead Generation Tool

It doesn’t just stop with a squeeze page though as many internet marketers will utilize e-mail autoresponders and customer-relationship management (CRM) systems to send a variety of follow-up e-mails and other correspondence.

If your website is getting a high number of hits but not resulting in leads, then a squeeze page may just be what you need to get a qualified list of leads and build a database. There are a variety of different ways to create one of these pages. If a website was created using WordPress (the most popular platform), then there are specific plug-ins that provide squeeze page templates.

In the world of real estate, a squeeze page may be used to build a list of cash buyers, private lenders or potential sellers. Whatever the case may be, a compelling squeeze page will have you capturing leads in no time.

Cash For My Boston HouseWhat Is A Squeeze Page

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