Update Your Kitchen

Update Your Kitchen

Many consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. But, getting the right kitchen through remodeling can be expensive.  Luckily, there are a number of inexpensive methods to update your kitchen and fit within nearly any budget. While most of us don’t have our ‘dream’ kitchen, we can make minor upgrades and improvements for little money that makes a big difference in the space. The kitchen serves as the main hub of activity in many homes through serving up good meals, packing lunches and congregating. Whether your kitchen is big or small, you can use these tips to bring more excitement and design to the space. Here are fifteen money-saving tips to make your kitchen feel new again:

Update your Kitchen

1. Change out the lighting – By swapping out existing lighting for updated fixtures that match the decor and your personal design tastes, you will be able to shed more light on your cooking.

2. Utilize accessories and artwork – Most people don’t think about adding artwork into the kitchen. By adding artwork you are able to infuse your own personality and place accessories throughout the space. Some ideas for accessories include trays, storage containers and other miscellaneous items.

3. Switch out the hardware on cabinets and drawers – What a simple transformation this can make. Hardware for cabinets and drawers range from inexpensive to expensive, but it does have a way of giving cabinets an updated look. Count the number of cabinet handles and drawer pulls that you need then head on down to your local hardware store. Also, make sure that you stay in the same size range of handles otherwise new holes will have to be drilled.

4. Update the cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or stain – To replace cabinetry can be a big hassle and not to mention expensive.  But, to paint or stain cabinets is an inexpensive and easy method to update and transform your kitchen space.

5. Swap out countertops or update the ones you have by painting them – Introducing the 3 R’s of countertops: replace, refinish or resurface. Regardless of which method is best for your space, you will be able to bring in a completely new look to the kitchen.

6. Add a backsplash – This is a great method to bring design into the kitchen. By adding a glass or tile backsplash, it serves two purposes – to protect the walls and to add warmth to the space.

7. Install under cabinet lighting – What a great way to shed some light (literally). Under cabinet LED lighting not only brings more light into the kitchen, but it helps in preparing meals and setting the mood for a romantic dinner.

8. Re-do the flooring – You can re-do the flooring in the kitchen without breaking the bank. When choosing a flooring type be conscious of its purpose and care as the kitchen typically gets the most wear of any flooring within a home.

9. Add storage with shelving – It always seems like we need more storage especially in the kitchen when our countertops seem to become cluttered so easily. By adding strategically placed shelving, you can add more storage and also design elements to the kitchen.

10. Install window treatments – Such a simple upgrade since the majority of kitchens only have one window but this can transform the overall look and add more design to the space.

11. Consider appliance panels to upgrade your appliances – The cost of upgrading appliances can be pricey but if your appliances are in overall good shape . . . . why replace? You can purchase inexpensive appliance panels or paint with chalkboard paint to provide a new look to what where once boring looking and outdated appliances.

12. Add greenery – Plants can bring the outdoors in and provide a touch of green to the space.

13. Replace the kitchen faucet and/or sink – An easy fix to do whether you have done it before or not. Let’s face it.  A lot of our time is spent doing dishes at the sink so why not have a new sink or faucet to help us enjoy that task?

14. Take cabinet doors off – By removing the cabinet doors from upper cabinets you will be able to open up your kitchen and show off your plates and other miscellaneous items.

15. Paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets – Whether you keep the cabinet doors on or remove them by adding a fresh coat of paint inside your cabinets, you will add more design taste and spice up your kitchen.

These fast and easy tips are affordable and so easy to do that you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to transform your kitchen space. Sometimes it’s the simplest changes that are still able to make a huge difference. A functional and decorated kitchen will serve its purpose – more than just a place to cook. By updating your kitchen you can be inspired to do more and get busy cooking in the kitchen!  In

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