Top Buyer Turnoffs In A Home

Top Buyer Turnoffs In A Home

In many instances, home sellers are unaware of potential buyer turnoffs when they put their home on the market for sale. While you may love the look of your home, it can be considered as ‘too personalized’ to a potential buyer. Some buyers can look past certain items when looking at a home while others can’t seem to get past certain things that are top turnoffs. Below are the top 8 buyer turnoffs in a home:

1) Bad Odors and Pets in the Home

While we almost listed these separately, they almost always go hand in hand. Just because you are a cat or dog lover doesn’t mean that a potential buyer is. In fact, many Americans are allergic to cats and dogs so it’s important not to have animals inside the home while showing if at all possible.  And, try to put the pet dishes and toys away as well. Pet smells can also deter as many people buy with their noses.  If you do have a cat litter box, then try to make sure that it is clean and somewhat hidden from the buyer’s view. Smoking, dirty diapers and kitchen odors are also top buyer turnoffs.

2) Wallpaper or Bright Paint Color

Either way, it spells work for a potential buyer and could lead them to disregarding the house just because they can’t imagine a fresh look.

Top Buyer Turnoffs In A Home

3) Outdated Fixtures, Tile, Carpet, Windows and Appliances

While not everything has to be updated, it is a good idea to try to bring as much as possible into the 21st century. We realize that avocado colored appliances and rust colored shag carpet were once modern and hip, but they aren’t so much anymore. Light fixtures and faucets can inexpensively be swapped out to bring a home more up to date.

4) Personal Items Abound

While you still live in your home, it is a good idea to start putting things away that may be too personalized and difficult for buyers to look past. Begin by putting away family portraits and other taste specific items that may stop a buyer from envisioning their own personal affects in the home.

5) Cluttered Counters

Try your best to de-clutter counters as the more stuff out on your counter, the messier it appears. Put appliances away that aren’t used on a daily basis and make sure that no dirty dishes are piled up in the kitchen sink. In the bathroom, put away grooming items, makeup, perfume and other items cluttering the counterspace.

6) Children’s Toys

Keep in mind that not all potential buyers understand why kid’s toys get strewn about the home. While a room can be nearly impossible to keep uncluttered of toys, try your best to put toys in a closet or toy box before a showing.

7) Lack of Curb Appeal

Does your home draw attention from the curb? Or is it just an average home that blends in with everything else on the block? You can command attention for your home by making sure the landscaping is in top shape, the paint and windows are in good condition and provide a welcoming front door area. Most of the time this is the first impression of the home so make it stand out and shine.

8) Not Having Your Home in the Best Possible Condition

While most this goes without saying, we do see homeowners listing their home before it is market ready. A home doesn’t necessarily need to be staged, but the honey-do projects need to be completed so no obvious red flags are raised. In addition, the home should be neat and tidy so it shows well.

The majority of items on this list can be completed inexpensively and lead to your home showing better, which will, hopefully, lead to fewer days on the market in the end. After all . . . the longer that your home is on the market, the more interest you will pay and never get back!

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