Tips For Fall Yard Maintenance

Tips For Fall Yard Maintenance

 – The days are getting shorter and September is almost here. The kids are going back to school and we are beginning to think about the onset of Fall. With this season brings the time to start preparing your yard for the winter weather and spring blooms.  And, the seven tips for Fall yard maintenance.

#1 – Lawn Care

The majority of Fall yard maintenance is centered around lawn care. Here are a few tips to keep your lawn looking green and preparing it for the winter season ahead. Try to only water once or twice a week (and only water in the early morning). A good rule of thumb is to provide the lawn with 1 inch of water on a weekly basis. Set your mower to a higher setting so that deep root growth is encouraged.  Many lawn care specialist recommend between 2 to 2 ½ inches for the grass length. Lawn care experts also suggest that you conduct two Fall feedings for your lawn, beginning in early September and another in late October. By doing the feedings, then you can help rebuild grass roots and also kill lawn weeds. You also have time to reseed if any patches are damaged as long as its done by mid-September or thereabouts. If you do reseed, then make sure to wait until the lawn has been mowed at least four times before using any weed control. If you believe that you have at least another month before the first frost then you will want to dethatch or aerate your lawn or you can do both.

Tips For Fall Yard Maintenance

#2 – Leaves

The turning of Fall makes for beautiful foliage which eventually falls and makes for more yard work once on the ground. Make sure to not allow the falling leaves to smother your landscaping as it will thin the grass and block the sunlight from reaching the roots.

#3 – Fall & Spring Blooms

Your vibrant summer colors may be starting to fade so it may be time to look into replacing with Fall blooming plants. At the top of the list for Fall annuals are flowering cabbage, asters, mums and pansies. If you want to have color in the Spring time, then now is the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs. These can range from tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and other bulb varieties.

#4 – Garden Care

If you have a garden, then it is time to start cutting things back. By doing routine maintenance, you will be able to aid in keeping both disease and bugs away.

#5 – Plant a Tree or Shrub

While the peak planting season has passed, many nurseries still recommend that now is still a great time to plant a tree or shrub. You will usually be able to find some good deals at this time of year.

#6 – Protecting Plants

Winter can be harsh in some areas.  So, it’s important to protect against the elements as well as rodents. If you find that rabbits, mice or other rodents feed on the bark of trees, then you should apply a wrap around the trunk to prevent damage to the plant. Some evergreens are prone to suffering throughout the winter months.  You can provide an added layer of protection with old sheets, burlap and/or antitranspirant spray. If you have any roses, it’s a good idea to mound up soil around the central bud or crown. You can also utilize mulch to protect plant roots. Also, cut back any perennials that may need pruning.

#7 – Winterize Irrigation Sprinklers

This can be done by a professional or yourself fairly easily as it primarily involves shutting off the water at the main valve location, releasing pressure in the pipes and draining all of the water out of the irrigation system to ensure that it won’t freeze.

Fall is a great time to keep your yard maintenance up to date and put the proper winterization techniques in place to ensure that your landscaping doesn’t fall victim to harsh winter conditions. If you can complete these simple steps now, then your yard will look beautiful come spring time.

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