Staging Your Home To Sell

Staging Your Home to Sell

Do you want your home to sell faster and for more money?  Have you ever walked into a model home and been taken away by the impeccable décor and design taste?  Sure.  All of us dream about living in a perfectly staged home that is free from mess and non-designer like tastes. But, in reality we live our day-to-day lives in our homes.  So, of course, we are apt to get overwhelmed with piles of laundry, heaps of mail on the counter, stacks of dishes in the sink and many other tell-tale signs that the home is actually lived in.

When you list your home for sale (or are in the pre-planning stages of putting your home on the market), it is important to think about what a buyer will think and feel when they view your home. Unfortunately, most buyers have a difficult time of envisioning their own belongings in a home that is too personalized. While you can pay a home stager to come in and do it all for you, you can also do it yourself for little to no cost at all.

Top Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale:

Remove family photos. It’s ok to have a few around, but try to make it as much of a neutral space as possible for the buyer.  Otherwise, they are looking at photos of your last family vacation instead of the bones of the home.

Staging Your Home To Sell

Take down taste specific items. Not everyone may love your bright decorating style. Or, for that matter, the taxidermy mounts. If your decor doesn’t appeal to the masses, then consider removing it while your home is on the market.  Don’t just leave all the walls bare though. If you do remove family photographs and other personalized artwork try to add in something else to fill up the empty wall space so as not to make the room feel cold and unwelcoming.

Move out large or unneeded furniture. The arrangement of furniture is able to set the tone and mood of the room. When a room has too much furniture it appears smaller than it really is. On the flip side, if a room has no furniture in it then consider adding in a few pieces to give buyers an idea of the rooms functionality.

Get a second opinion. Have a friend come into your home with a non-bias opinion and fresh eyes to offer suggestions as to what you should do to ‘neutralize’ your personal décor in staging your home.

Add a fresh coat of paint. Remember to go with a neutral color palette. If your home already has a newer coat of paint but in bold colors, then consider repainting as the bright colors only appeal to certain tastes.

Enhance the curb appeal. Ensure that the yard is maintained as many homebuyers will only drive by a house before committing to view the inside. While you can’t change the location and neighborhood that the home resides in, you can make it appealing to look at.

Bedrooms. Try to avoid gender-specific bedroom decorations. For example, if you have a pink princess room for your daughter, buyers with a son may not be able to envision the room converted to a boy’s room. While it’s ok to have some residual pink try not to overwhelm with gender specific décor.

De-clutter. Stand back in a room and see what stands out the most. If nothing stands out too much, then you should be good. Also, don’t forget to tidy up closets and organize the cabinets and pantry items.

Studies have shown time and time again that homes that have been staged bring in an offer quicker (in some cases even multiple offers) and also spend less time on the market. One such study from The Real Estate Staging Association tracked 89 homes that were on the market that were not staged. After an average 166 days on the market, the homeowners enlisted the help of a professional stager. After the homes were staged an offer was received on the homes within a 32 day time frame.  Additionally, out of those 89 homes, nine of them received multiple offer situations.

Most real estate professionals would suggest that you stage your home for sale first rather than listing and waiting to see how it goes. As time is money.  Why not put your best foot forward from the beginning and ensure a quick sale of your home?  With the use of staging, not only will you be moving sooner, but also enjoy a reduction of carrying costs. Just remember that not all staging has to be professionalStaging a home to sell

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