Secrets To Selling Your Home

Secrets To Selling Your Home

 – Almost every homeowner in America has a dirty little secret’ selling their home. While some secrets are insignificant and undetectable to most, like a well hidden patch in the wall or a case of mismatched touch up paint, there are some secrets that are just too big to hide.  And, may cause trouble down the road if not fully disclosed up front. While not usually required, home inspections can bring up undetected problems with a property (that may or may not be known to the seller) and lead to costly repairs that the seller usually is asked to foot the bill for.

Get Prepared For Selling Your Home

Some sellers will even hire a home inspector prior to placing the property on the market just to ensure that there are no hidden issues that need attention. This is a great idea to spend a few hundred dollars which could end up saving a deal down the road if a buyer was to hire a home inspector that finds something.  And, then just decides to walk away from the deal based upon whatever issue(s) were found.

Items needing attention such as termite damage, mold, dry rot, roof problems, foundation settlement and the list goes on can all throw a wrench into a smooth sale process. You will find that a lot of buyers use a 10 foot pole to stay away from properties with worrisome structural or environmental issues.  However, most real estate investors look at them as an opportunity to potentially get a good deal and also make it a win-win for the seller to off-load the property and the investor to go in and fix the problem to make the property more desirable to be bought by a buyer that wants a move in ready house without the ‘what ifs’ of what’s behind the walls or under the slab.

Cigarette smoke and pet urine can also be potential deterrents to a home buyer but realize that both problems are fairly easily fixed. We see a lot of cases that the seller doesn’t have the cash to fix the problem and may just need an out for “selling your home”. That’s where a real estate investor can help as they are able to more easily overlook structural problems as they don’t rely on a traditional mortgage financing to purchase a home as an investment property. The average investor will utilize short-term financing or cash and have the ability to put money towards the major repair.

Secrets To Selling Your Home


While the home may not appeal to a home buyer that lacks funds and/or imagination, it will usually almost always appeal to an investor that sees opportunity. Structural damage almost always screams “buyers beware.” While you may luck out and find that some conditions really aren’t as bad as you thought, other times a more extensive repair may be required which equates to more dollar signs to be spent. If you are in the position to have the repairs done before selling your home, our advice to you is to always get multiple bids on work and check references.  Or, find yourself a cash buyer who will purchase the home as-is.  Avoid the dirty little secret when selling your home.

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