Real Estate Blogs

Real Estate Blogs

 – Consumers in today’s world yearn for information easily found on-line. As real estate professionals, it’s important to us that we provide valuable knowledge to homeowners and would-be homeowners about real estate and other related topics. We began writing our blog with one simple goal in mind: To provide relevant information that can assist home buyers and sellers.

Real estate has shown a major shift over the past decade from traditional channels into digital ones. The real estate industry as a whole is ever changing as buyers and sellers can easily find real estate related information via the web. High web traffic is always the goal of any website or blog and the real estate professional’s website and blog are no different. Real estate websites today have developed a standard of practice in including a blog. While some blogs begin with great visions, they peter out as the agent or firm becomes sidetracked with business dealings and other daily tasks.

Real Estate Blogs

The Facts Don’t Lie

• 91% of Realtors use social media in one form or another
• 70% of Realtors have a website
• Only 12% of Realtors actually have a real estate blog
* The above statistics are according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Realtor Technology Survey and other various resources.

While there is a wide variety of website and blogging platforms available today, many real estate professionals rely on the power of WordPress, both for websites as well as blogs. Nearly 20 percent of all websites that are online today are powered by WordPress which is a user-friendly, open source platform.

The Blue Moon Realty Blogging Philosophy

We knew that having a real estate website just wasn’t enough and that’s why we added a blog. By adding in our blog and other social media sites, such as Facebook and Google Plus, the outlets have  really enabled us to connect with our audience.  Which we otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to associate with. Not only have we sought to build the Blue Moon Realty Group brand, but also have pursued developing an authority on-line. The blog categories that we cover range from financing, home improvement, maintenance and decorating to selling.

We have always sought to provide our website visitors with information that they can use. While we may not be experts in everything, with a little bit of research, we can provide a valuable article for the reader that they can use to educate themselves on a specific topic. We make great efforts to be considered as a trusted advisor in order to provide buyers and sellers with informative information that can help them with buying and selling decisions. Connecting to a target audience, promoting our brand and being a thought leader in our field are all terrific reasons why we understand the importance of maintaining our real estate blog.

Know Your Audience

Successful real estate professionals understand the importance of blogging within their marketing strategy and also realize the significance of providing updated and relevant content to their blog readers and subscribers. Without consistency of posts, readers won’t make it a priority to tune into fresh content.  By scheduling time every week to write a minimum of one blog post, we feel that the Blue Moon Realty Group can ensure engagement of our readers. Successful blogging for us means that we are keeping in contact with new and old clients and additionally attracting more clients.

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Rick Toney

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Rick Toney Is A Seasoned Real Estate Professional With Over 25 Years Of Real Estate Experience, Writes A Weekly Real Estate Blog And Is A Principal of Blue Moon Realty Group And Mesa Realty Advisors. Blue Moon Realty Group Is A Residential Redevelopment Company Specializing In The Purchase And Renovation Of Older And Physically Distressed Homes (Flip This House Boston). Mesa Realty Advisors Is An Affordable Housing Developer Specializing In The Redevelopment Of Existing Low-Income Housing Properties. Rick Is A Certified Public Accountant (CPA - Retired) In The State Of California, A Certified Property Manager (CPM - Retired) And A Real Estate Broker In The States Of California (Retired) And Massachusetts.

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    This is a good article. Informative and timely information.


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