Proper Care For Your Carpeting

Proper Care For Your Carpeting

 – By properly maintaining and cleaning carpets in your home, you can ensure that they will last twice as long. Here are our top seven tips for the proper care for your carpeting:

Tip #1: Make Sure You Are Vacuuming Right!

Sure it may be as simple as plugging the vacuum into the electrical outlet, turning it on and pushing it along the carpet. But there are a few things that you can do to ensure your time spent vacuuming is well spent. A vacuum that is set too low can damage your carpet and also the vacuum’s drive belt and roller brush.  Plus, you won’t be picking up any dirt. With the ideal height set, you should feel the vacuum trying to tug itself forward. Ideally your home should be vacuumed at least once per week with high-traffic areas twice per week in order to protect the carpet. By vacuuming more frequently, you will be able to prevent soil buildup. Make sure that filters are replaced or frequently washed and the dirtbag, filter, or cup emptied each time that you vacuum. The general rule of thumb is to make two slow passes with the vacuum over high-traffic areas and one quick pass over low-traffic areas. Ideally you want to vacuum slow enough so that as much dirt is picked up as possible.

Tip #2: Cleaning

Cleaning methods will vary depending upon the type of carpet.  Most carpets today are constructed with synthetic fibers such as olefin, polyester or nylon which means they can be cleaned utilizing most types of cleaning methods. There are some other carpeting types that have natural fibers such as cotton, sisal, silk or wool which will require a different specialized type of treatment. By having the carpet professionally cleaned you can rejuvenate fibers and refresh the texture.

Proper Care For Your Carpeting

While a rented or purchased carpet-cleaning machine can do a pretty good job removing surface dirt, a professional can deep clean your carpet and make it last longer. Most professionals recommend a cleaning every 12 to 18 months. A quality professional will provide an in-home inspection and base the charges off of the type and condition of the carpet as well as the square footage to be cleaned. Beware of ‘discount’ carpet cleaning companies that leave behind a soapy residue and offer deep discounts.

Tip #3: Use Mats

By placing an entry mat by the front and back doors, you will be able to catch more soil before it enters the home.

Tip #4: Treating Stains

There is a 99% chance that most stains can be removed if they are attended to immediately. The longer that a stain has to react chemically with carpet then the harder it is to remove. Begin treating a stain with water and a white cloth first. Simply press the cloth over the stain in order to absorb the spill then repeat until the spill is fully absorbed. Experts say that 80% of stains can be easily removed just by using tap water. Don’t scrub or rub a stain, just blot from the outer edge towards the center of the stain. If it’s a tougher stain and water isn’t doing the trick, then try club soda or an equal amount of white vinegar and water solution.

Tip #5: Moving Furniture

There are two takeaways from moving furniture. The first is to switch up the room layout by periodically moving furniture around. By rearranging furniture, you will be able to avoid excessive pile crushing as well as giving the room a new look and feel. If you have furniture with rollers, legs, etc., then make sure to use carpet protectors to aid in distributing the weight. When physically moving the furniture take precautionary measures in protecting the carpet by placing cardboard or plywood underneath the furniture wheels as you move it.

Tip #6: Quality Counts

When selecting carpeting don’t underestimate the importance of a quality carpet pad. Not only can a good carpet pad provide more comfort underfoot and better resilience, but it can also extend the life of your carpet. Be aware that some types of carpeting carry specific warranties around the thickness and density required of the padding.

Tip #7: Don’t Shed Too Much Light

While light can sure brighten up a room, long periods of direct sunlight can be harmful to your homes carpeting. By reducing the length of time that it is exposed to direct sunlight with blinds or other window shading mechanisms, the life of the carpet will be extended.

Like most other items within a home, carpet needs maintenance too in order to keep it looking its best and increase its overall lifespan. Not only does a home’s carpeting face the normal foot traffic, but pets, children and accidents all contribute to the need for regular vacuuming and other cleaning methods.

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