On-line Real Estate Websites

On-line Real Estate Websites

Do you know what garnered 360 million on-line visits last month alone?  Well, if you didn’t have an answer then let us give it to you.  Real estate geared websites.

With the internet, nearly anything can be found with just a few simple key strokes. Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com are considered as the top three real estate websites offering varying services while still being in competition with one another to get your visit. Everything from school ratings, criminal activity and neighborhood demographics are all easily accessible.  As well as the more popular on-line tools for home searching and mortgage rate shopping.

The Top Three

One third of all real estate website visitors go to Realtor.com, Trulia and Zillow for real estate information. But is what they are providing really worth the visit? These top three real estate portals have seen a steady increase in traffic since the advent of smart phones and other mobile devices such as the iPad.

Real Estate Agents in the 21st Century

The role of a real estate agent in the 21st century has changed.  No longer do we have a monthly updated Multiple Listing Service (MLS) hardcopy book and new listing hot sheets. But rather, it has nearly all gone digital.  Meaning as soon as a listing agreement is signed we are on the computer entering the details which are then syndicated through the MLS and also onto other sites (such as Zillow).

Real estate buyers and sellers (as well as agents) are increasingly becoming more and more tech savvy.  While each of these real estate geared websites offer a wide variety of tools to choose from, they don’t offer everything.  An example is they do not have the LOCAL KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE to guide a buyer or seller through the entire transaction process of buying or selling a property.  Every market is unique!

On-line Real Estate Websites

Zillow ‘Zestimate’

Over 100 million homes that are not currently on the market are victim to Zillow estimates of the current sales price, or otherwise commonly known as the ‘Zestimate’. Sure the ‘Zestimate’ feature is nice, but it just gives a very rough ball park figure.  Not a comparative market analysis and details of similar homes currently on the market or sold. There are so many things that a realtor can do that these big real estate websites cannot do.

Now Zillow is going even one step further in their advanced computer algorithm predictions and forecasting property values for a year from now. While it’s nice to live in dreamland, how can the price of a home be predicted one year from now? Sure we all have average home appreciation numbers that are both locally based as well as nationally, but a lot of factors make up a price.  Quality of local schools, local government actions or inactions and much more.

Listing Syndication

The syndication of listings is a big deal.  These popular real estate geared sites are acting as a middleman to the consumer with paid advertisements that come with a hefty price tag for any real estate related business to grab consumer attention through lead generation service agreements. They can also be considered as large-scale data mining sites that are taking a hold of the consumer and not really providing enough education behind giving a ball park figure of what a home is worth.

Take the Advice from a Licensed Realtor

Our advice is that a Realtor always has a good pulse on the local market whereas Zillow and other big real estate related websites rely on data they are fed and just that alone. While the Realtor’s role has changed in today’s technologically advanced world, there is still a large demand for the service that only a licensed Realtor is able to provide. 

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  1. Brendan GrishamFebruary 11, 2018

    My employer has a good website and generates great leads for our agents. Very important part of our business. Nice article.


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