Increasing Your Curb Appeal

Increasing Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a home improvement that is often overlooked. While curb appeal can take on different forms with various cost levels involved, it can greatly improve the aesthetic of any home. Not only will you benefit from upgrades to the exterior of your home, but also your neighbors will as well. Not to mention curb appeal is one of the first thing that potential buyers look at as the first impression of the property.

Here Are The Top 10 Tips To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal:

Update the front door. This can mean a fresh paint job in a bold color or a brand new door. Sometimes homeowners will install a storm door which also can add to the aesthetic of the home.

Refresh the siding. A simple power washing can make a home shine in some instances, where other homes may call for brand new siding or a fresh paint job.

Update the trim. Just updating the trim color of the home or adding more trim elements to a home can make a big difference in overall appearance.

Increasing Your Curb Appeal

Clean the windows. Windows are often a neglected staple of many homes in terms of being cleaned. Another tip is that some home sellers will go as far as removing the screens in some rooms to accentuate the outdoor view.

Accentuate windows. Shutters or a window box can add a decorative element for little costs involved.

Revitalize landscaping. Simply planting some new plants or replacing old ones can make a difference. Bringing in color can also help. Landscaping choices can both accentuate features in a home and also hide ugly spots.

Freshen up the entry. Decorate with a wreath on the front door or siding. Place inviting furniture on the porch or add potted plants.

Replace old hardware. Update the address sign, entry door lock and handle, mailbox, front porch, railings or steps. It all goes into making an impressive entry.

Brighten things up with outdoor lighting. Not only should your home catch people’s attention during the daylight hours, but also after dark too. Outdoor lighting can not only act as a security measure, but also can provide the home with an attractive view at night.

Don’t overlook things. If something needs maintenance or repair, then fix it. From a crack in the sidewalk to a driveway that needs resurfacing, it can all make a difference in the curb appeal of the property.

In the real estate world, curb appeal means everything. Often a potential buyer will drive by a property before they even contact a real estate agent to view it. Not only can curb appeal draw a buyer in to look at a property, but it can also mean that a home sells quicker and potentially for more money. A picture is worth a thousand words and, when your home is photographed for a listing, the primary shot utilized in the majority of marketing material is the exterior of the home. With 90 percent of buyers looking at available homes online, it’s important that your home make a good first impression and curb appeal can be an important lasting impression.

If your front yard has the blah’s, then consider boosting  the curb appeal. The first impression of a home is critical and, without curb appeal, then your home doesn’t have much going for it. Curb appeal can be done for little to no cost involved but can return dividends when done right.

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