How To Sell A House That Did Not Sell

How To Sell A House That Did Not Sell

How To Sell A House That Did Not Sell – Oh no!!!  You have the stigma of a house that didn’t sell! What to do and where to turn. Let’s begin by asking the question of why your house didn’t sell. Was it because it was priced too high compared to neighborhood comparables? Or is the location undesirable? Do you have so much stuff (aka clutter) that a buyer has difficulty imagining their own personal belongings in the house? Did you choose the wrong realtor to list the property? It’s not that uncommon to find homes that didn’t sell when they were on the market. Sellers sometimes just get fed up with having their home listed that they eventually just give up and pull the property off the market. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand how to sell a property for top dollar and also in the shortest amount of time.

Here Are The Top 4 Reasons Why A Property May Not Sell:

1) Marketing and Exposure. These can take on a few different forms. First off, is there a for sale sign in the front yard and any directional signs directing traffic to the property? Is there advertising done for the property? A customized flyer box affixed to the for sale sign? Print media in local real estate publications? Is there online marketing of the property via websites and social media?

How To Sell A House That Did Not Sell

2) Access. The majority of listings utilize a lock box for convenience of real estate agents showing the property to clients. It is inconvenient to have to pick up a key from a real estate office to show a property and then return it once a showing has been completed. Another point to make about access is how much notice must be given before the property is shown? Many agents don’t set up showings far in advance so the more flexible a homeowner can be to allow a showing on short notice the better off. Another factor to consider is having pets in the home. While many homeowners have beloved four legged friends as well as other types of pets, it’s important not to put an emphasis on the fact that pets reside at the property. If animals are present when a property is being shown, try to have them contained in a side yard or kennel so they don’t cause a distraction to the buyer viewing the property.

3) Pricing. This should probably say ‘overpricing’ instead of just ‘pricing.’ Believe it or not, the ‘right’ price can be difficult to determine and is ultimately dictated by competition, market conditions and the property amenities. If a home is overpriced, then real estate agents and buyers won’t take the property into consideration. A comparative market analysis can assist in figuring out the appropriate price that the market dictates for the property.

4) The Property Itself. While a property doesn’t have to be in model home condition, it is important to make sure that the appearance exudes the best that it can be. A house that presents well can stand up to the competition. Curb appeal, cleanliness, decorative touches, maintenance and organization all go a long ways in contributing to the image that the property makes on a buyers mind.

The goal of any homeowner is that a property sells as soon as possible after it is listed. But, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. If potential buyers are eyeing a property but, not buying, then there usually is a reason behind it. Look at your property from an unbiased perspective and place yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Does the property lack something? Is it realistically priced in comparison to market conditions and the competition? Have you selected the right real estate professional to assist you? If you have a property that hasn’t sold while listed on the market, contact us for a no obligation consultation to see how we can help you! So, this is how to sell a house that did not sell

ProbateHow To Sell A House That Didn’t Sell

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