How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

If only choosing a real estate agent was as easy as looking at a list of people and going “Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe”. Whether you are buying or selling a property, you need a real estate professional to help you with all of the intricate ins and outs that go along with a real estate transaction. But how to choose just one real estate agent out of approximately one million people that are involved in residential real estate sales can be trickier than you may think. While every individual has their own reasons for choosing their realtor, here are some key points to consider when selecting a real estate agent.

A Good Negotiator

Part of being a realtor is being able to negotiate and not being afraid to negotiate hard on a client’s behalf. An agent must possess confidence in order to utilize good negotiation techniques.

How To Choose A Real Estate Agent


A real estate agent simply can’t wait for deals to come knocking on their door.  They have to be movers and shakers in order to get deals done.

Easily Accessible

The last thing a client wants is to engage the services of a Realtor® that is hard to reach. With today’s technology resources, there is no reason that an agent should be slow to communicate with their client.


Not only do you want a real estate agent that is knowledgeable with everything related to real estate, but you also want an agent that is familiar with the area and neighborhoods.

Solid Reputation

It’s important for an agent to have good references of past clients, know the necessary real estate legal forms and disclosures inside and out and be established in the community and industry. The National Association of Realtors states that 75 percent of all beginning realtors quit within the first two years of business. It’s the 25 percent that remain who possess the qualities needed to be a Realtor® and help people buy and sell real estate.

Sellers Take Note

All too often, sellers make the mistake of choosing a listing agent that offers the lowest commission and/or the highest suggested listing price for their home. While the seller’s mindset is to save a few bucks by offering a lower commission rate and gain more for the sale of the home, in most cases it doesn’t work out this way. By paying a lower rate of commission, what type of service do you expect? Why would an agent offer the same services for less money? Or, is it that they offer some services, but not all the necessary ones because they are receiving a reduced commission?

In the end, you want to have a good experience of buying or selling real estate. Typically a real estate transaction signifies the most money a person will spend within a lifetime so you want to be confident in whom you trust to represent you. You want a real estate agent that is willing to go the extra mile and never lets up until the deal is done.

Over 85 percent of all sellers choose to list their home through a real estate agent. It’s best to have a professional help guide you through the complex world of real estate. You want a Realtor® that represents your best interests.  What To Look For When Choosing A Real Estate Agent

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  1. Hazel OwensMay 11, 2016

    I agree that a real estate agent needs to be aggressive and a good negotiator. While an aggressive personality might not be ideal in all situations, passiveness won’t work when looking for a house. Finding a real estate agent who will actively look for deals and fight hard to negotiate for you will make your house searching experience go more smoothly. Thanks for the article.


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