Hottest Outdoor Decking Trends

Hottest Outdoor Decking Trends

 – Outdoor entertaining has been all the rage these past few years and a big part of many backyards is a deck. From complex designs to simple solutions, a deck can easily change the use of any outdoor area. Decks used to just serve as a place for a backyard BBQ.  But, today’s decking trends have transposed into larger square footage with multiple levels and other added features. Additional storage, seating and planting areas have been added to deck design. Special lighting, outdoor fire features and waterscapes can all add functionality of the outdoor space to be used throughout the year.

Decking It Out With Features

Decks have come along way in adding additional living space outdoors. Outdoor areas can be utilized as a living room or even media rooms. They possibilities (and costs) are endless!

Outdoor kitchens have also added a whole new level of entertainment possibilities. Everything from a refrigerator, sink, pizza oven, countertops and cabinets are typical elements to make up a terrific secondary kitchen. Media has also made its way into the deck space with outdoor televisions and speakers for music.

Hottest Outdoor Decking Trends

Water features are also adding to unique deck design trends. From water fountains to pools and spas, water is a top design element for outdoor spaces.

To Shed Light Or Not To Shed Light

Accent and indirect lighting are relatively low cost and allow for low-voltage or solar fixtures to be added to increase the usage of a deck at night. Adding shade elements are also an important measure that some homeowners invest in to make their outdoor time more enjoyable. Awnings, sunshades, and collapsible umbrellas are all fairly common mechanisms to block the sun and provide a cooler outdoor space. Decks with southern exposure are especially likely to look into shading options as some parts of the country experience extremely hot temperatures in the summer and an awning can reduce the temperature by as much as 20 degrees.

The Best Type Of Material For The Job

Another design trend in decking is the type of material used. Typically the decision is between wood and composite materials. When spending a large budget on a deck space, many homeowners are looking for their investment to last. While wood looks great, it does require more maintenance over time. Whereas, composite decking may cost more initially, but in the long run much less maintenance is required.

Composite decking is made out of materials such as wood fibers and recycled plastic and is designed to be weather resistent. Wood decking can be susceptible to cracking, warping and splintering. Power washing and staining of wood, as well as other maintenance duties, take time and money and over the lifetime of a deck and may eventually add up to the cost of what a composite or vinyl deck initially costs.

Not Just Straight And Narrow – Try Curvy Designs!

Curved decks have also become popular as some of the composite decking materials allow for custom designs and, thus, not just a run of the mill normal rectangular deck design. When certain composite materials are heated, they can bend like a spaghetti noodle and deck builders can form it into a curvy design that is not possible with normal wood lumber.

Large Versus Small

While the average deck varies from 350 to 700 square feet in size, some homeowners are increasing that size and having decks built with multiple levels. This design concept allows for multiple entertaining areas and a unique design concept.

High-end amenities, open patio style areas and curved decking are all popular design trends for 2015. Adding a deck is an easy way to not only add value and appeal to a home, but also allow for great outdoor entertaining and relaxing possibilities. Decking today allows for adding additional square footage outside of a home and many memories made outdoors.

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  1. John ClaxMay 3, 2016

    Hi Rick,

    Love those hot trends! We are also planning build a deck attached to our house. However, we were wondering which is the best decking wood. While I am gravitating towards Ipe, my friends suggest we should go for cedar. What would you suggest?
    John Clax recently posted…Tips on Japanese Maple Tree CareMy Profile

  2. Hazel OwensMay 2, 2016

    I’m glad that you mentioned the pros and cons of various materials for your deck. I’ve always liked the look of wood, but, like you said, it requires a lot of maintenance over the years. However, composite or vinyl decking can be made to look like wood, and it will be much less maintenance-intense over the years. Thanks for the information.


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