Feng Shui In The Home

Feng Shui In The Home

– Did you know that January is home organization month? Thus, making it a great time to talk about the concept of feng shui in the home. Creating good feng shui energy in the home can help to enhance your life. Feng shui may be the answer you have been looking for if you are wanting to change course or feel that your energy is being blocked.

The age-old Chinese system of feng shui allows for a space to feel both happy and calming. The overall purpose of feng shui is to get your environment in line with who you are and also where you want to go in life. In essence, feng shui harmonizes a person’s energy with the home’s energy. The way that energy is felt in the home is by how the home is maintained and also how rooms are arranged. In feng shui, it is believed that if a home is cluttered then it leads to a cluttered mind. Clutter is thought to take away energy from the space.

Feng Shui In The Home

Inside Feng Shui

Feng shui allows for private (aka Yin) spaces (such as a bedroom) and also public (or Yang) spaces (like the living room). In public spaces, vibrant and rich colors can be utilized. Take, for example, eggplant or a dark blue which are both energizing colors or, alternatively, red which is thought of as an invigorating shade. A few other feng shui tips include utilizing a rug to ground a space and avoid light fixtures that point straight down. Utilize mirrors to both enhance natural light and additionally recirculate energy.

The way that seating is configured is also important for feng shui. Ideally, a sofa would be placed a few inches away from a solid wall. Preferably the placement would allow for a clear view of the door and additionally be situated by the farthest wall from the entry door. If this type of furniture arrangement won’t work in your space and you need to have the sofa floating more in the center of the room, then simply put a console behind it that is topped with sturdier items (such as lamps). This allows the feeling of more security. If a mirror can be added that is opposite the couch this will allow you to see behind you, making you feel more protected. Always make sure that the living room furniture arrangement allows for conversation areas as opposed to providing an awkward seating placement when guests are visiting. An oval or circular coffee table allows for energy to move around more freely as opposed to a rectangular or square coffee table that has angles pointing at people.

Feng shui can also be useful in bedrooms as well. General tips for this space is to avoid placing a bed under the window. Headboards symbolize additional support and footboards, on the other hand, are believed to block the forward progression in life. Ideally. the bed would be positioned as far away from the bedroom doorway as possible allowing for it to have a ‘commanding position’ within the room. Utilizing this bed placement will provide a sense of protection as you sleep.

Whatever you do, make sure your feet don’t point out the door while in bed. In traditional Chinese culture, this is called the “Death Position” because the deceased are carried out feet first. Practitioners believe sleeping this way can drain your life force. If you can’t avoid it, use a footboard or a substantial trunk or other piece of furniture at the foot of your bed to act as a buffer (this is the one exception to feng shui’s normal “no footboard” rule). Finally, leave enough room around the bed for energy to flow freely and for each partner to get up with ease.

Shape Representation in Feng Shui

Oval and round items represent metal
Square items signify earth
Triangles represent fire
Rectangles symbolize wood

In any space, a mixture of shapes is important.

The Art of Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that literally translates to “wind and water”. The art of feng shui allows one to improve various aspects of life ranging from career and relationships to heath and finances. When conducting further research on the art of feng shui, you will find the feng shui octagon that is utilized for mapping the various energies of the home. Different areas reside within this octagon from the Life Area to the Family and Health Areas. A few simple improvements within your home can greatly influence the overall energy from a feng shui perspective. Little things like clearing the front entry to the home can let the Chi (aka energy) flow through both your home and life. Additionally, you can position a desk facing the door to enable more opportunities and potential for promotion. Placement of your home within the elements is what feng shui is really all about.

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