Countertop Trends Of Today

Countertop Trends Of Today

 – Updating a kitchen or bathroom can be as simple as replacing the countertop or doing a complete remodel. That being said, there are a variety of countertop materials available that can fit nearly any budget and space. No matter what type of countertop you are looking for, you need to know that solid-surface countertops are in high demand right now. Granite is no longer the ‘go-to’ countertop trend as other countertop surfaces are beginning to steal the show. Pricing of each type of countertop will vary greatly between thickness, color and material with the average price for countertop material usually ranging between $25 to $100 per square foot. By upgrading your kitchen and/or bathroom countertops, you will add more value to your home and may ultimately increase the resale value.

Trending Countertop Surfaces

Perhaps the hottest new trend in countertops is quartz. Known as engineered stone, this material is made from a combination of pigments, resins and stone chips. New patterns mimic the look of marble and granite. Quartz is a versatile material as it has durability and can come in nearly any color. Decreased prices and new colors have led to quartz gaining in popularity since it’s not a new product. In fact, it has been around for over 30 years and has been found in the big box stores for the past 15 years. Known for being tough and durable, quartz is the hottest trend in countertops today.

Countertop Trends Of Today

Concrete countertops are another option that have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. While popular in some modern kitchen and bathroom designs, the concrete surface isn’t known for its durability as it is prone to chipping and staining,  And, it is also extremely heavy. However, with proper sealing, concrete can be heat and scratch resistant. Many homeowners enjoy the fact that one can customize concrete through the texture and shape that can be great for the overall design.

Granite remains as the popular choice in countertops, but isn’t the hottest trend this year. While prices and color options range greatly, the hot trend for granite countertops is moving towards alternative looks through specialty finishes.

Marble makes the list of countertop trends but isn’t for everyone. Granite is known for developing a patina with use and is also susceptible to etching, scratching and staining. It also can be high maintenance and expensive. On the flip side, marble is heat resistant and does not dent or chip.

Soapstone is another option for countertops which offers sleek design and the ability to fit in with nearly any type of design and décor. The soapstone countertop is extremely durable and also not affected by acids. Another plus for soapstone is that it is heat resistant and scratches can be etched away. However, soapstone does require routine maintenance by oiling and buffing.

Glass (and recycled glass) countertops have also been becoming more mainstream in kitchen design. They offer a nonporous surface that is also heat and stain resistant. This type of countertop material adds a timeless element to any kitchen design yet can be susceptible to cracks and chips and, additionally, shows fingerprints easily.

While laminate can be the most affordable in countertop design, it may not be the most eye-catching. New trends in laminate have been emerging with the introduction of new patterns and colors.

The list of countertop trends wouldn’t be complete without mentioning stainless steel. While offering a modern and sleek look, they do show fingerprints easily and are also susceptible to scratches and dings. On the flip side, they do offer a nonporous surface that is resistant to heat and stains.

Other Trends In Countertops

Designers are also playing with design by mixing and matching countertops. A butcher block may be paired with quartz as an example.

Kitchen island design has a trend of thicker countertops than the rest of the kitchen countertop surface. Many designers are recommending that their clients double the thickness for an island countertop over the usual thickness of the countertops. This makes the island the focal point of the kitchen.

We need to mention that we didn’t forget to mention tile in the article. Although still popular in many homes today, most designers recommend staying away from tile as a countertop and only utilizing tile in a backsplash design. Many buyers aren’t looking for tile in a kitchen and could mean the difference in a sale or no sale.

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