Bring Color To Your Home

Feeling A Little Bold?

Feeling A Little Bold?

Ever thumb through a home décor magazine (like House Beautiful) and sit in awe of a brilliant paint color used on the wall of the model room photographed? If you are like most, you probably have.  Yet, perhaps have had doubts if you could really be that BOLD and choose that LOUD of a COLOR statement.

News flash – It’s just paint and the great thing about paint is that it can be easily painted over (and over again). Granted the little paint swatch that you spend half an hour picking out at your local home improvement hardware store may look a little (or a lot) different when painted on a large wall as a statement or over an entire room for that matter. But, here’s a tip to remedy that.  Compare the paint chip to a white surface that way the tonal value will appear.

Whoever invented the test size jars of paint was a genius as we now do not have to buy an entire gallon of paint to test only to realize it was the wrong color choice! If you don’t want to actually paint a test patch on the wall you can easily utilize a sample board instead.

Everything from a robin’s egg blue color palette to a fire engine red room makes a statement. Don’t be afraid to use color combinations as a room doesn’t have to be just one color.  With color combos you can utilize one color as an accent.

Color can take a room from bland and blah to eye catching all depending upon the color choices. For instance, the color green can be used as a neutral color as it integrates well with other colors (think white, yellow, orange and pink). If the room is large, it can handle a deep color like navy blue. Should the room you are painting only have northern exposure then stay away from using bright colors such as orange, yellow or red.  Here is a video from Dunn Edwards which we believe provides a good overview on this subject:

Be Creative

Stronger colors are for more drama while soft and subtle colors like neutrals and cool colors can create a more peaceful and restful space. If you are unsure of color, simply start out small. Paint just a wall as an accent in a room or keep the walls a neutral color palette and utilize a pop of color in the furniture and other décor pieces. Often times when bold colors are painted in a room they can quickly become old and also date the space.

Bring Color To Your Home

Did you know that color is able to account for 60 percent of our response to a place or object? Whether you go for the exotic, balanced or relaxed color choices.  There is no wrong selection as paint is a personal decision and each person has their own tastes in color. With the small investment of paint, you can take a room from drab to fab with a new color palette in a matter of an afternoon.  Have fun picking up that paintbrush!  And, bring color to your home.

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