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A push is underway on Capitol Hill for an investigation of the coronavirus outbreak by a national commission like the one that looked into 9/11. The proposal comes amid questions over the origin of the virus that has killed more than 600,000 Americans.

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday proposed further restrictions on purchases of telecommunications equipment that pose national security risks, strengthening its opposition to Chinese providers of 5G wireless and other technologies.

We're delighted to welcome a pastel by Adélaïde Labille-Guiard into the Getty.

Labille-Guiard was one of the leading women artists in 18th-century Europe.

"Portrait of Madame Charles Mitoire with Her Children" shows a fashionably dressed woman with her two young sons.

This large work speaks to emerging views of motherhood and familial bonds in the 18th century.

The work was unlike anything that visitors to the Paris Salon of 1783, where the pastel was first exhibited, had seen before: a formal portrait of a sitter openly nursing her child.

Four-Star Christen Miller @Trenchking2 taking home the D-Line MVP at the Five-Star Challenge

USC and several others are in the mix

@RivalsCamp @WilsonFootball

Auguste Rodin, Pierre de Wiessant, Monumental (Pierre de Wissant, monumental), 1887; cast 1979 #museumarchive #europeanart

RT RT @met_americanart: Tiffany & Co., Creamer, ca. 1880 #americanart #metmuseum

RT French Painter, Cartoon for the Back of a Tapestry Settee #metmuseum #themet

RT The Bridge of Langlois at Arles with laundresses (1888)

Vincent van Gogh's works ->

RT The Introduction of Slavonic Liturgy (1912)

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RT Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers (1888)

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Apartment Casa do Arco by Arquitectura Viva

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Today MPD's Special Liaison Branch spent time with our Deaf & Hard of Hearing community at @deaf_reach in Northeast! Officers were able to engage with the community and provide food and essentials. 💓



RT Gustave Courbet, Marine: The Waterspout, 1870 #metmuseum #europeanart

RT Jean Clouet, Guillaume Budé (1467–1540), ca. 1536 #jeanclouet #europeanart

RT RT @TateArtBot: Saloua Raouda Choucair, Poem of Nine Verses, 1966 #salouaraoudachoucair #tatemuseum

RT Jean-Léon Gérôme, Cafe House, Cairo (Casting Bullets), 1884 or earlier #themet #metmuseum

RT Johannes Vermeer, A Young Woman Reading #metmuseum #johannesvermeer

RT Self-Portrait. Between the Clock and the Bed (1940-1944)

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RT The plain "La Crau" near Arles with Montmajour in the background (1888)

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RT The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds (1635)

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RT Portrait of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev wearing the Edinburgh University professor robe (1885)

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RT Giuseppina Grassini dans le role de Zaire (1804)

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The Tokyo Olympics Are Supplying 150,000 Condoms, But Are Begging Athletes Not To Bang Each Other's Brains Out In The Olympic Village

We're just workin' ⚓ 🌊
#USNavy's USS Tulsa (LCS 16) conducts routine operations in the Philippine Sea on a rotational deployment operating in the @US7thFleet for a #FreeandOpenIndoPacific
📷 by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Colby A. Mothershead)


Are you looking for a beach club, or a palm tree lined strand with not a soul in sight?
Here's how to find the perfect beach for you in Cancún.

Ultra-sophisticated modern home in Florida surrounded by woodsy setting

RT William Hogarth, The Wedding of Stephen Beckingham and Mary Cox, 1729 #themet #europeanart

RT French Painter, Portrait of a Man #metmuseum #frenchpainter

RT Edgar Degas, Portrait of a Woman in Gray, ca. 1865 #themet #europeanart

RT Francesco Guardi, Piazza San Marco, late 1760s #francescoguardi #metmuseum

RT RT @mia_paintings: Ary Scheffer, Christus Consolator, 1851 #artsmia #aryscheffer

RT Claude Monet, The Seine at Vétheuil, 1880 #metmuseum #claudemonet

RT Antoine Watteau, Mezzetin, ca. 1718–20 #europeanart #antoinewatteau

RT Mme. Charpentier and Her Children (1878)

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RT Franz Napoleon Heigel, Henriette Sontag (1806–1854), ca. 1835 #franznapoleonheigel #themet

RT Anton Raphael Mengs, Pleasure, ca. 1754 #metmuseum #themet

RT RT @met_medievalart: Key, 15th century #themet #MedievalArt

RT Edmé Charles de Lioux de Savignac, A Picnic, ca. 1766–72 #metmuseum #europeanart

RT Marie Antoinette à la rose (1783)

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RT The Fall of the Rebel Angels (1562)

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RT The musical contest (1754-1755)

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RT The Celebration of Svantovit in Rujana: When Gods Are at War, Salvation is in the Art (1912)

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RT St John the Baptist in the Wilderness (1636-1637)

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RT The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit (1882)

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RT RT @mia_paintings: Henri Matisse, White Plumes, 1919 #artsmia #henrimatisse

RT Mikail Ivanovich Terebenev, Portrait of a Woman, ca. 1830 #mikailivanovichterebenev #europeanart

RT Ave Maria a trasbordo (1886)

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