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Help your neighbors find open small businesses by posting pictures/videos of your favorite restaurants, bars, & cafes that are doing delivery & takeout w/ #SupportSeattleSmallBiz and #WeGotThisSeattle, and tag @SeattleEconomy. Find open restaurants here:

Royal yacht Victoria and Albert passing 15 in battleships HMS Ramilles, HMS Royal Sovereign and HMS Queen Elizabeth during King George V's silver jubilee review of the fleet at Spithead, 1935. Check out for more pics:

We can all help slow the spread of #COVID19 and protect our community:

👉Stay home as much as possible.
👉Go out only for essential needs, such as groceries.
👉Get outside, but avoid groups and stay 6 feet from others.
👉Call, email and connect online with friends and family.

TB12, Still: Tom Brady Accepts Chris Godwin's Offer

All too often, says one archaeologist, people dismiss the mundane practice of using the toilet. But that very common act offers important insight into who we were, who we are, and where we’re headed next.

We put together this video showing some smiling faces of volunteers taken over the last year. As you all stay at home this week, know that we appreciate everything you have done for Habitat for Humanity Seattle - King County and our fight for affordable housing! ❤️

Home price growth ramped up yet again in January, Case-Shiller index shows #realestate

Taking care of business while forward-deployed to @US7thFleet!

The Arleigh-Burke class guided-missile destroyer #USSBarry conducts security and stability operations in the Indo-Pacific region.#FreeAndOpenIndoPacific


Washingtonians: I’m hosting a COVID-19 Twitter Q&A on Thursday, April 2, at noon.

Have a question? Reply below or tweet your question with #AskGovInslee

The great outdoors can do wonders for your mood.

MA residents concerned about COVID-19 can check their symptoms with a new, free, 24/7 online tool from @BuoyHealth. Please note this tool does not replace emergency medical care.Visit to learn more. #covid19MA

Concert halls, theaters and galleries may have temporarily closed their doors to the public, but artists are still getting their fix online

👏 Shoutout to @wrestlingbucks' Kollin Moore who finished second in the Dan Hodge Trophy, the "Heisman of college wrestling!”

More on Moore ⤵️ #GoBucks

Madame Sophie de France (1734–1782) by François Hubert Drouais #franoishubertdrouais #themet

The Queen on her visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in London on May 24, 1971, a regular fixture in the royal calendar. The Queen usually attends each year and Prince Charles, a keen gardener, has picked up several silver medals .. Check out for more:

10 company to rule them all

Help our #WIC families during this #COVID19 outbreak. If you don’t use WIC, help the families that need it by leaving WIC products on the shelf & choosing something else. The products with a WIC shelf tag are the only things these families are able to buy with their WIC benefit.

If your situation has changed due to #COVID19, you may qualify for WIC. Find out by calling 1-800-322-2588.

Learn more about WIC at

Peyton was last seen on March 28, 2020. She may still be in the local Cincinnati, #Ohio area.

To all of our Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program customers in WA state: #WIC is open for business during #COVID19!

✅ Benefits are delivered remotely. Call your clinic if you have any questions.

✅ Find a WIC clinic near you at 1-800-322-2588 or text “WIC” to 96859.

It didn't take long for the Japanese children on Saipan to realize that the Americans were kind. Here boys in Camp Susupe crowd a military camera man. (1944). More photos:

Fact our death rate is below 2% of those infected #CoronavirusUSA -far lower than almost all other industrialized nations-is a testament to our superb doctors, nurses & others on the frontlines in this fight for life.

Traffic Jam near the Brandenburg Gate as East Germans move into West Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 1989. See more photos here:

Physical distancing is the most important thing we can do to fight the #COVID19 pandemic. From @KCPubHealth:

#StayHome & avoid nonessential contact with others

Limit trips for groceries & other essentials

If you must go out, stay at least 6 ft away from others at all times

Moments ago @GovInslee placed into effect a mandatory stay at home order.
Effective immediately, all Washingtonians must stay home, except for essential activities. Examples: grocery shopping, doctor appointments & essential work duty. Learn more >>>

"COVID-19 is causing stress for a lot of people and that stress can manifest very differently. So parents, this blog post is for you. Because parenting during COVID-19 is HARD."

"A parenting guide during #COVID19: Be kind to yourself" via @KCPubHealth >>>

@KCCouncil will have a virtual meeting today to comply with @KCPubHealth recommendations. @KingCountyTV Channel 22/322 or @ 1p. @KccClaudia @CMGirmayZahilay @CMUpthegrove @KathyLambert @KCCKohlWelles @JoeMcDermottWA @KCCReaganDunn @RDembowski @KingCountyWA

Last night Governor Jay Inslee proclaimed that all Washingtonians must stay home unless they are pursuing an essential activity. Wondering what businesses are classified as essential? Check out WA's official coronavirus response website for details >>>

Looking for ways to get help and give help during the COVID-19 outbreak? @KingCountyWA has created an online marketplace to link up individuals, businesses, non-profits & others who have resources with those who need them. Learn more & get started today!

There currently are no data to recommend the use of HCQ as prophy for COVID-19. We discourage its off-label use until justified and supply is bolstered. The HCQ shortage represents a real risk to rheumatic ds patients who depend on HCQ for their survival.

As closures, cancellations & loss of work due to #COVID19 impact the King County cultural sector, the @4Culture Cultural Relief Fund will distribute $1 million over the coming months. Learn more today >>>

Most biz sectors defined under @GovInslee's Stay Home, Stay Healthy essential/non-essential proclamation. If you're not sure about yours, do this:

✅Go to: & read it thoroughly.

Still not clear?

✅Fill out this form:

If you haven't filled out your 2020 Census survey, please do it NOW. Billions of federal COVID-19 dollars are at stake. The Feds will be using Census data to disperse dollars. It takes just a few minutes to complete. Your community and neighbors will be depending upon it.

THANK YOU to those who have donated personal protective equipment for our first responders. We will accept large donations of unopened N95 masks, wipes, hand sanitizer and related items in guest parking at City Hall on March 31, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Get & give help during the COVID-19 outbreak with the King County Regional Donations Connector. It's an online marketplace to link up individuals, businesses, non-profits & others who have resources with those who need them. Learn more & get started today!


(1/2) With the onset of this public health emergency, we’ve been reassessing & adapting our policies daily to keep our county safe. While all our employees are continuing to do great work, we particularly want to recognize the tremendous work of our parks maintenance crews. 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️


Here are some suggested alternate routes if your normal route was completely cut under the reduced weekday schedule that began on March 23. Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time

Seattle COVID-19 Slowdown Hints Restrictions Are Working - BUT data still being analyzed, conclusions are uncertain. We MUST continue current measures & monitoring. Threat of a rebound that could overwhelm hospitals remains for the foreseeable future.

It's important for info & data about the COVID-19 outbreak to be shared widely. To ensure King County is doing just that, late last week @KCPubHealth launched a new COVID-19 data dashboard that provides a daily summary about the outbreak in King County >>>

Today at 2pm @GovInslee will provide an update on the state COVID-19 response & will be joined by @AGOWA & @wastatepatrol Chief John Batiste, as well as police chiefs from Bellevue & Spokane. Watch it on @TVWnews >>>

Looking for resources available to help people - especially our most vulnerable neighbors - manage the health, emotional and financial challenges of #COVID19? Eastside For All has compiled a directory of resources available to serve Eastside residents >>>

Staying home and limiting contact with others is helping slow the spread of #COVID19, and those limits must continue in order to reduce the impact of the outbreak.

See our latest update. ⬇️

ICYMI - Due to the financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, King County has extended the first-half 2020 property tax deadline to June 1. @seattletimes story >>>

To better support the health of passengers and drivers and to promote social distancing, Metro is restoring some weekday bus trips on specific routes based on ridership. Read more at the @kcmetrobus blog >>>

A 20% reduction in hospitalizations for people with coronavirus-like symptoms in Washington, once the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus epidemic, offers a glimmer of hope for the region and nation.

Shout out to the Chief's Latino Advisory Committee for the Specialty Baking Co. breakfast & coffee for our officers. This kind of community support means the world to us right now. #TogetherWeCanDoIt #COVID19 #Grateful

No existe evidencia alguna que sugiera que #COVID19 se esté propagando a través de los alimentos. Cuando regrese a casa luego de realizar sus compras, lávese bien las manos, pero no hay razón para tratar de desinfectar sus compras.

The Montreux Casino in Switzerland burnt down in 1971 & became the inspiration for Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water'. See more images:

COVID-19 Update: Some weekday bus trips restored to better promote social distancing via @kcmetrobus

Turn off the news and embrace this relaxing pastime.

Trousdale Residence by Mayes Office

#architecture #home #interiordesign #homedecor

As faculty members worldwide face online teaching, they must consider how to maximize value for their students. Here are five tips for pivoting to remote instruction.

Learn the basics of COMSOL Multiphysics in 18 minutes by tuning into this free webinar on April 7. Register here!

In the latest episode of the Physics World Stories podcast, a selection of successful researchers to discuss what it's really like to carve out a career in physics. What motivates them? What are the challenges? What are the rules they play by? #physics

MPD officers serve & protect the District & its residents, & assure you that current circumstances are not impacting our ability to be there for you when you need us. We are #HereToHelp, now and always.

For more information about COVID-19, please visit:

15 Things Home Inspectors Wish You Knew #renovate

Theater played out periodically at White House: Reporter asks question. Trump challenges. Reporter argues. Trump whacks. Trump supporters cheer. Press rallies 'round reporter. Glowing profiles ensue. Visibility raised. Benefits for all.

German soldiers somewhere on the eastern front in February 1943. As you can see , Germans made large use of captured Russian weapons , since at least two of this group of soldiers are packing Russian PPSh sub-machine guns, a .. See more photos here:

Santa School, a training program to get certificate that will enable them to get Yuletide employment at local department stores. Photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1961. See more photos here:

U.S. President Gerald Ford discusses the Vietnam evacuation of Americans by telephone with a senior aide while Mrs. Betty Ford looks on in the living quarters of the White House in a picture released by the White House, Tuesd.. See more images here:

Claudia Cardinale & Alain Delon, 1962. See more pictures: