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Building Permits

Building Permits Overview  – Building permits range from electrical, plumbing, gas, well, septic, fireplace installation, finishing a basement and the list goes on. While building permits can be a major pain for both contractors and homeowners, they are meant to actually protect the general public against shoddy construction and inadequate materials that aren’t up to code.Continue reading

Homeowner’s And Title Insurance

Homeowner’s And Title Insurance  – It’s not uncommon for potential homeowners and current homeowners alike to become confused about homeowner’s insurance versus title insurance. While they are two completely and unrelated insurance policies, they both have to do with buying and owning a home. In general, homeowner’s insurance protects for disaster and theft while titleContinue reading

Homeowner’s Associations

Homeowner’s Associations  – Believe it or not, one of every six Americans lives within a homeowner’s association. Many homeowner’s are unaware of the actual rules and regulations that go along with living in a community that has a homeowner’s association (HOA) and corresponding Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Fifty-five million Americans are living within a developmentContinue reading

Hard Money Lenders

Hard Money Lenders So What Exactly Does “Hard Money” Mean? Investors typically consider money to be in one of two different types.  Hard or soft. Usually, soft money means that the terms are somewhat more flexible and also easier to qualify for. Think consumer debt.  Whereas, hard money typically has more strict terms and conditionsContinue reading

Top Questions About Foreclosures

Top Questions About Foreclosures Great deals can be found in real estate, especially through foreclosures. But typically foreclosures are not fully understood.  So, here are the top questions that we get at about the home foreclosure process. Q1: Does Massachusetts follow a judicial foreclosure or a non-judicial foreclosure? Answer: While a judicial and non-judicial foreclosureContinue reading

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