Bandit Signs

Bandit Signs

 – You’ve probably seen marketing signs adorning street corners and front yards, but you may never have known what they are referred to as in the real estate investing world. Bandit signs. These signs are inexpensive to create and can provide unique and targeted campaign messages. Many successful real estate investor marketing systems encompass a bandit sign campaign.

Bandit signs serve as a billboard that is low cost and moveable. Often bandit signs can be placed strategically within target neighborhoods that investors are looking to enter or where they already have existing properties. The cost-effectiveness that bandit signs offer as well as timely marketing is nearly unparalleled in the world of marketing.

Bandit Signs

The primary goal of any bandit sign marketing campaign is to create leads on a consistent basis. So let’s go over the in’s and out’s of these signs and how to create your own campaign.


While the idea behind a bandit sign campaign is pretty simplistic, it does take some forethought and planning to get the phone ringing. The first thing to consider is your target audience. Determining who you want to target is important as that is who the messaging should speak to. For example, a bandit sign campaign that says “Joe Buys Houses” may result in some calls but may not compare as well to “Need to Sell Your House Fast?” or “We Buy Houses for Cash.” The latter headlines attract more attention and are more likely to gain potential contacts that are falling behind on their mortgage or have inherited a property.

Type of Sign

Consider the kind of bandit sign you choose: size, the color of the sign, text color and size of the text. Another important feature of any bandit sign is the contact information. Whether you are using a phone number, website address or both, make sure to include a memorable phone number or website URL. More than likely people will be driving by the signs. Perhaps the sign is positioned near a busy main road or in a neighborhood. Either way, the point is that people are driving by. This means that someone is less likely to be able to write down a phone number or punch it into their cell phone as they drive. Including an easy to remember phone number or website helps. As an example, you could use (617) 555-2735 or (617) 555-1234. Which one would you remember better? Another critical item to consider is the size of the sign. Traditional sizes of bandit signs are 12”x18” or 18”x24” and are made up of corrugated plastic


Whether bandit signs are attached to telephone poles, yard stakes, or hung on buildings, the biggest thing about bandit signs is local ordinances. Not all communities welcome these signs into the neighborhood, hence the name ‘bandit’. If you are contemplating on starting a bandit signs campaign, then be sure to check with local authorities to see restrictions on placing bandit signs on public property.

Tips for a Successful Bandit Sign Campaign

Lead intake systems such as a call center, Google Voice or a website squeeze page, can all handle incoming calls from bandit sign campaigns. While there is no magic number for a bandit sign campaign, usually the more the merrier. Most seasoned bandit sign marketers suggest ordering anywhere between 200 to 500 bandit signs to have on hand. While that might seem like a lot, bulk ordering means lower costs involved per sign and bandit signs have a tendency to be torn down or lost.

Bandit signs are much like a billboard but offer more exposure (since you can place them in multiple locations) and also usually encompass a much lower cost to create. A billboard is usually a one shot deal, whereas bandit signs can be picked up and moved strategically to other areas or put away until more leads are needed. It is one of the more flexible forms of direct advertising that you will find since there is no contract or commitment that is necessary. When strategically placed in the right locations, bandit signs have the opportunity to pay for themselves time and time again. Highly targeted leads can be worth a lot of money and a bandit sign campaign doesn’t take much time or money to get into place. Whether you are a novice or experienced investor, a bandit sign campaign just may be the item needed to take your business to the next level!

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