A Real Estate Agent Can Help You

A Real Estate Agent Can Help You

 – Many outsiders often admire the life of a real estate agent. Daydreaming of setting his or her own schedule, receiving large sums of money through commission checks and getting to tour fabulous homes for a living. And, let’s not forget to mention helping clients realize the dream of homeownership. While the dream image is, for the most part, what a real estate agent does, it’s not an easy profession or lifestyle. So let’s put it all into perspective for you.

1) We Don’t Really Get To Set Our Own Schedule. While there is some truth to having our own schedule, a lot of times a real estate agents day revolves around a client’s schedule. If a client works from 8 to 5 every day, then we have to arrange our time to show houses in the evening or on weekends. And since we brought up the topic of weekends, we don’t get to have weekends off very often (if ever). Why do you ask? Because that’s when the majority of clients want to meet.  And, additionally the majority of open houses are held on the weekends.

2) Seeing Dollar Signs With Big Commission Checks. Sure, the commission checks can be a great perk of being a real estate professional, but we’ll be the first to admit that there are countless hours and work that goes into our services in order to get a deal closed. An agent isn’t paid hourly nor do we have a salary, benefits, paid vacation or insurance.  Real estate professionals are independent contractors. So we have to manage our own taxes (i.e. our taxes aren’t automatically deducted from our commission checks) and we pay for our own insurance (health, liability, etc.). If we need a sick day or vacation time, we can sure take it but we may lose business because of it.

A Real Estate Agent Can Help You

3) Let’s Talk About Everything That Goes Along With Being A Real Estate Agent. First off is the knowledge. We have to provide industry knowledge and expertise to our clients for them to make an informed selling or purchasing decision. Then there is the marketing aspect. We are in charge of marketing ourselves. Clients aren’t just handed off to us and many times when we go on a listing appointment or other meeting, we are being compared to other real estate professionals in the local area. We spend a lot of money, time and other efforts to market a listing and it doesn’t pay anything back until the listing is sold. Education is another key piece of being an agent. Many outsiders think it’s easy to gain a real estate license. While it may not be that difficult to attain, there is a fair amount of work that goes into keeping it current through continuing education that we are required to attend in order to keep the license current.

4) We Deal With Different Things Every Day. Not only do we face clients that know little to nothing about real estate, but we also work with clients that think that they know everything about the industry. And, let’s not forget to mention that the internet has drastically changed the real estate landscape. No longer are we having clients sign on the dotted line with pen and paper as now we deal with emailed contracts and e-signatures. Real estate information is readily found online through the likes of Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and other well-known online services. Real estate clients are more informed, they spend time learning about the real estate process and thoroughly research real estate agents online before they ever even contact one.

5) We Work With All Types Of People. There are homeowners that think that they can do an agent’s job better by listing a home For Sale By Owner (FSBO). And there are others that think they can bargain with an agent to reduce their commission. We deal with buyers that haven’t been qualified to purchase (but just want to look), estate sales and “we buy houses” flip this house investors.

In the end, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a professional Realtor that holds a valid license with your state and can represent you to the best of his or her ability, then you should consider the real value in having a Realtor on your team. Buying a home is the largest financial transaction that most will make in their lifetime.  Trying to save a buck or two here is nice, but is it worth it to risk everything? Did we mention the emotional aspect of things, negotiating a deal, real estate laws, neighborhood, industry, and market knowledge? It can all go a long way in helping the home buying or selling process.  A real estate agent can help you.

FSBOA Real Estate Agent Can Help You

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